Felted Silk Chiffon Vertical Scarf in black and red
Felted Silk Chiffon Scarf with Vertical Drape in Black
Red Felted Silk Chiffon Vertical Scarf
Black Felted Silk Chiffon Scarf

Felted Silk Chiffon Vertical Scarf


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Silk chiffon hand felted with fine merino wool. This scarf is light weight and great for most seasons. It has a vertical drape which creates a wonderful ruffle effect when wrapped around the neck and falls nicely when just thrown on and left to hang in the opening of a coat.

Due the nature of the process used to create this textile the edges undulate, and vary slightly in width and length. This textile can be cleaned in a variety of ways. It can be hand washed cold and hung dry. It can be spot cleaned with soap and water. It can be washed in a "trusted" gentle cycle with room temperature water. Or it can be dry-cleaned. Never wash in hot water or put in the dryer! It also loves a good steam, so it can be "refreshed" with an iron or hand steamer.

Approx. 12 x 68 inches