These slimline round-nose pliers are a great general-use tool, suitable for all bench tasks; their slim design and profile make them perfect for delicate wire-working tasks and fine work. On round-nose pliers, both jaws are round, tapering from the pivot to the tip; ideal for making loops, jump rings, clasps, coils and curved bends. The tough, rust-resistant stainless steel delivers reasonable life and good value.

• These pliers have a box joint; one half of the joint surrounds the other half, and the pivot is contained within. This joint holds its alignment far longer than a lap joint.
• A double-leaf spring holds the jaws open until they are squeezed closed. 
• The plastic-dipped, latex-free handles are comfortable.

Jaw length : .787" (20mm)
Tip width : 1.22mm
Overall length/dimensions : 4.5" (115mm)
Weight : 1.929 ounces (54.691g)

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