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Xuron® Maxi Shear Flush Cutter


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These precise flush cutters from Xuron® have a slim profile and smaller head to increase maneuverability and improve access to hard-to-reach spaces; the patented blade by-pass cutting action—reminiscent of a shears—cuts metal cleanly with minimal effort. These cutters are effective for cutting metal wire and sheet, as well as beading wire, including Beadalon®. A dark, matte finish prevents eye strain caused by reflective glare and increases visibility of the workpiece.
• These cutters have a lap joint
• Non-slip grips and a gentle return spring ensure comfort and prevent hand fatigue.

Xuron® cutters are forged from induction-hardened tool steel for exceptionally long service. Precisely ground jaws ensure accuracy and control. Avoid contact with moisture.

Designed for cutting soft wire up to 12g

  • Jaw length : 0.47" (12mm)
  • Overall length/dimensions : 5.82" (148mm)
  • Weight : 0.211 lbs (95.708g)

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